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Butterfly Island and Beach Goa, India

Situated in South Goa, to the north of Palolem Beach, Butterfly Island and Beach is known for its tranquility and the serene calmness that it offers. Tourists who want to spend time with only with nature, without even a single form of disturbance must visit Butterfly Beach. This beach offers its visitors with a relaxed environment to rejuvenate you and a startling natural beauty to admire.

The golden shimmering stretch of beach sand is surrounded with high rocks. At the foot of these rocks, which forms a ring, lays this beach. It has a semicircular bay and is on the northern end of the Palolem beach.

The popular activities at Butterfly Beach are Canoe ride and Dolphin watching that can be easily spotted playing. One can also enjoy warm sunbathing and spend time relaxing, away from all the day-to-day hustle. There are also various tourist attractions, located quite close to the beach. Some of these are Fort Cabo de Rama, Galjibaga Beach, Rajbhag Beach and Palolem Beach.

This beach is not well connected to rest of the Goa. To reach this island, you are required to come via water. One needs to rent a boat from the Palolem beach or Agonda Beach to reach here. Palolem beach can be reached via road, through taxis and buses.

Because of the absence of any tourist infrastructure, this beach doesn’t offer any kind of tourist entertainment. While going, it is advisable to carry with you almost everything that you think you would need.

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